Fear The Walking Dead S04: E01 Review: What’s Your Story?

The Walking Dead universe merges in the new season of fear The Walking Dead

fear the walking dead

At the end of Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, the main characters were in a spot of bother. The dam they were standing on was rigged to blow by Nick as they were in a standoff with the season’s protagonists. He hit the trigger and boom, they were separated and possibly dead.

Spoilers Ahead!!!

Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead started with a familiar face from the parent show The Walking Dead, Morgan Jones.

In fact, we saw a number of faces from The Walking Dead as it starts with Morgan in the junkyard that Jadis had left behind. He’s living his solitary life and is visited by Rick, Jesus and Carol who try to get him to return to the group. It doesn’t work and he sets out alone.

New Blood

He meets a new face, a guy named John with an accent almost as terrible and incomprehensible as Eugene’s.

It’s a brief encounter but the two would soon end up in an uncomfortable companionship after they are ambushed by bandits and then saved by a woman with a S.W.A.T vehicle, complete with mounted machine guns.

We find out her name is Althea and she’s a journalist who still insists on filming everyone she encounters while trying to get their story.

Coming Together

The trio are then hijacked by another group of bandits, oh wait they aren’t bandits. No, it’s Nick, Alicia, Strand and Luciana our usual heroes.

It’s a good twist if not slightly predictable and it sets the new characters on a path to work with the original group.

Once Nick & Co realise they aren’t a threat they take them with them, S.W.A.T van and all, to find out what the mysterious flags they’ve been seeing everywhere are all about.

That’s about it for episode 1 and it’s a good introduction to the season. One thing this does make us question, however, is the timeline of events in the previous three seasons.

Time Warps?

Both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead started at the beginning of the outbreak, Fear starting a bit before.

With that in mind are we to understand that, over the three seasons of Fear, the same amount of time has passed as over eight seasons of The Walking Dead? That doesn’t really compute, does it?

The introduction of Althea and Morgan looks like it will be the boost that this show has needed. Unfortunately Fear The Walking Dead has lacked any characters that have stood out, Nick and Victor being the main exceptions.

Hopefully, this can lead to some real interest in the series as before it was something we just watched because it filled a gap between shows we really wanted to watch.

But there we have it Fear The Walking Dead is back and it looks set to be the most interesting season yet.

What did you think of the opening episode and do you think this season will be a step up for Fear The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments.

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