When is The Walking Dead Back on TV For Season 8B?

The Walking Dead Season 8 Comic Con Rick Negan Poster

Who remembers when The Walking Dead didn’t have a mid-season break over the festive period?

It feels like a long time ago and to be fair it was and whilst we all hate it when the series grinds to a halt and we all think, its ages until its back the reality is that it’s not that long and hey, we had Christmas presents in-between so all good in the end.

Well, the good news is that its back on the 25th February in the US and this means The Walking Dead is back in the UK on the 26th to watch live on Sky and Now TV.

So there you have it, a month, that won’t take long to fly by and we can’t wait to see how the war with the Saviours will pan out, hopefully, it will be an epic second half of the season that will keep us Walking Dead fans captivated until season 9 of The Walking Dead returns in autumn where we’ll go through the same mid-season break distress all over again but you know it will be worth it

Meanwhile, fingers crossed that the wait was worth it for season 8B.

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