iZombie Season 4 Review: Proving It’s Worth

The Zombie revolution has begun and Liv finds herself at the forefront

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iZombie isn’t your typical Rom-Com and nor is it your typical Zombie show.

Based on the comic of the same name iZombie tells the story of Liv played by Rose McIver (The Lovely Bones, The Piano, Once Upon a Time), a medical assistant who is turned into a Zombie at a party. She then uses her role and newfound ability to see the memories of anyone’s brain she eats to aid the police in murder investigations.

The series is seriously enhanced by her sidekick Ravi, played by Rahul Kohli (Supergirl, Happy Anniversary) who often adds some genuinely funny moments.

Season 4 was certainly the best yet as it turned a previously funny episodic series into a genuinely enthralling story.

Spoilers are found within

Zombie Renegades

Whilst working a case Liv stumbles across an organisation called The Railroad, Fallout fans rejoice, and they are smuggling Humans into Seattle that are dying and want to be turned to survive.

Unfortunately, the organisation are being hunted down by Filmore Graves’ private army and they’re getting closer. This leads to a chain of events that see’s their leader Renegade captured and killed in a public execution.

This causes Liv to go undercover and become the new Renegade, a role that causes her to become a hero to the city as she tries to unite the Zombie and Human population.

Major problems

Major and Liv spend much of this season at odds with each other as Major becomes Chase Grave’s right-hand man, scuppering many of the Railroads plans and causing Liv constant grief. By the end of the season, however, Chase is killed whilst trying to execute Liv and major becomes the new leader at Filmore Graves.

This works out for everyone as he lifts the travel ban and stops their troops from hunting the Railroad. In fact, they set up Season 5 well by offering to help as security for The Railroad as now the national US military are trying to stop them.

Love is all around

Ravi spends much of the season chasing his ex-girlfriend and now Acting Mayor of Seattle Peyton. Again this works out well as they eventually get together and help Liv and the Railroad on their missions.

Clive has some real revelations this season as he tracks down the Railroad himself, witnesses the execution of Renegade, leaves his partner Dale before they get back together and finally marry.

Their wedding present from Liv is Ravi’s new Zombie cure, allowing them to have children but meaning Liv will remain a Zombie.

Holy War is good business

Last but not least is the ever lovable and despicable Blaine who’s role in this season seems very much in the background until the very end.

He’s running his empire and business is good, he also makes peace with his father who has escaped the well that he’d been trapped in and become the holy leader of the Zombies. It is this latter point that leads him to become highly involved in a Zombie revolution that ends once Major takes control of Filmore Graves.

Our verdict

This really was a triumph of a season, which makes the news that it will be cancelled after one more season all the more tragic.

The whole story with The Railroad was inspired and led to some really heart-wrenching scenes, especially those where Liv’s new love Levon was executed by Chase Graves and when the young girl they are looking after Isobel dies.

Liv goes through a real transformation this season from the goofy sidekick to the leader of the revolution and it’s great to watch. We are always rooting for her to succeed and yet again her progress is hampered by the loss of a loved one, she really does seem doomed to be alone.

The rise of the Zombie church is also a really nice touch and Robert Knepper (Prison Break, Hitman, Heroes) plays the role of Blaine’s father Angus perfectly. In fact, he deserves an award for his portrayal as the religious zealot and leader of the Zombie Church.

His death in the final episode will no doubt spur Blaine on to do big things next season, especially now he’s been contracted by Filmore Graves to keep the brains coming into the city.

Class act

Before we finish we have to mention one of iZombie’s unsung heroes. Don E just shines in the season and to be fair he’s been one of the better characters for a while now. His character is played so well by Bryce Hodgson (X-Men 2, Battlestar Galactica, Diary of a Wimpy Kid) that despite him ultimately being a comedy relief we always want to see more of him.

We are absolutely gutted that next season will be the last one and we are still very much hoping it will be picked up by another network. That said if they can finish off the story as well as this season has played out then it will be a grand finale indeed.

iZombie is available to watch on Netflix now.

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