Big Brother – Looking Back at The Winners

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Image Source: Channel 5
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It’s crazy to think that 18 years ago the world was introduced to Big Brother and that 2018 will be its final year, with the last series currently showing on Channel 5 at the moment.

When Big Brother first opened it’s doors originally on CH4 to a number of strangers trying to cope with living together for a number of weeks and competing in tasks to win a budget for their weekly shopping.

Little did the producers of the show no that the fly on the wall TV series would end up with such a massive following and successfully go on to celebrate 18 years on the TV.

With news recently being announced that the 18th series of the show would, in fact, be it’s last, (although rumours are that ITV may take on the reality TV show) we take a look back at all the winners of the series, starting back with the very first episode.

Craig Phillips

Craig Phillips was the winner of the first ever series of Big Brother. Viewers of the show pretty much fell in love with the down to earth builder from the start.

One of the most memorable moments of that series was when Craig confronted Nasty Nick about him discussing nominations with the other housemates.

This was what got everyone voting for Craig making him the first-ever Big Brother winner.

Brian Dowling

Right from the first moment, he entered the house Brian was a firm favourite to win the show and has been voted one of Big Brothers favourite ever housemates, eventually beating Helen Adams in the final and being crowned the winner.

In 2010 Brian returned to the house to compete in the final Big Brother on CH4 and became the Ultimate Big Brother Housemate.

Kate Lawler

Kate was the first ever female to be crowned the winner of Big Brother back in 2003.

One of her most memorable moments on Big Brother was when she drunkenly stripped off her clothes whilst singing along to Hot Chocolate’s You Sexy Thing.


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