Lost in Space Season 1 Review: A Reboot Worth Your Time

Sci-fi classic reboot hits all the right spots

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Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

This phrase will be familiar to most sci-fi fans and will be associated with a clunky B-movie style robot from classic 1960’s series Lost in Space.

Well, as with every single thing ever committed to film, the 21st century has decided to reboot it and attempt to make it relevant again. As with so many reboots we came into this one with some trepidation. Whilst the original may be hammy and far from perfect it is rightfully remembered with fond memories so this needed to be good.

Danger! Danger!…Spoilers Ahead!

Lost in Space tells the story of The Robinsons, a family who leave a dying Earth some 30 years in the future to join a new colony. This doesn’t go to plan and they are sucked through a wormhole, crash landing on an unknown planet and forced to survive on their own(for the first episode at least).

The series stars Toby Stephens (Black Sails, Die Another Day) as John Robinson, Molly Parker (Deadwood, The Wicker Man) as Maureen Robinson, Taylor Russell (Falling Skies, Strange Empire) as Judy Robinson, Mina Sundwell (Maggie’s Plan, #Horror) as Penny Robinson and Maxwell Jenkins (Sense8, Popstar:Never Stop Never Stopping) as Will Robinson. Other notable appearances include Parker Posey (Best in Show, Superman Returns) as Dr Smith, Ignacio Serricchio (The Wedding Ringer, Bones) as Don West, Raza Jaffrey (Homeland, Harry Brown) as Victor Dhar and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (The Man in the High Castle, License to Kill) as Hiroki Watanabe.

How is it?

The series does a very good job of modernising a classic. It feels up to date a relevant but somehow manages to keep that old B-movie feel without being too cheesy. Yes, elements are certainly predictable but all in all, it is an engaging and well thought out show. You have some tween love interest going on, there’s your typical Han Solo-esque rogue, stuffy by the book commander and dysfunctional absent father figure that fits in with most shows these days but it works.


There was some controversy at changing the fondly remembered Dr Smith character to a woman but Posey does a magnificent job as the psychotic villain of the show. She’s instantly dislikeable for all the right reasons. Her manipulation and deceit throughout the show give you a genuine feeling of hatred toward the character whilst still letting you understand why the other characters are falling for it. Ultimately this is down to great acting and clever script.

The Robot in this series certainly isn’t the plastic tubing and silver spray paint variety either. A complete remodel gives us a seriously impressive robot complete with stars for a face. It can also transform into a multi-armed killing machine which is pretty cool unless it’s trying to kill you. The robot in this version is responsible for them being lost but also befriends Will before being corrupted by Dr Smith. By the final episode, we discover it is part of an alien race who are searching for a lost drive stolen by the humans which happens to be on board the Robinsons Jupiter vessel and eventually transports them further from home to the robots home planet.

Something new

The planet that they are stranded on, along with a number of other ships that they join up with along the way is stunning and it’s a real credit to the production team that they have created a realistic and visual amazing world for the characters to explore. The wildlife and plants are realistic enough to exist on earth whilst being bizarre enough to be alien which is the key to any great sci-fi world and is often hard to accomplish. Such thought has gone into this world that even the natural elements such as weather and earthquakes are in place to make things as hostile and at times comfortable as possible for its guests.

If you love your sci-fi then this is definitely a series for you, it’s by no means perfect and at times it feels a little too focused on teenage love stories to be taken seriously but believe us when we say that it has a lot more going for it.

We cannot wait for Lost in Space season 2 after that incredible final episode and can’t wait to see what the robot’s home planet is going to be like and how the hell they are going to survive when they get there.

This is a show that has taken many by surprise and has everyone talking about it so get on board and checks it out now.

Lost in Space is available to watch now on Netflix.

What did you think of the first season? Does it do the original justice? Let us know in the comments.

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