Why Making It Is Set To Be Your Next Binge Worthy Reality Contest

Making It takes Arts & Crafts into the TV talent show pantheon and it's brilliant

Making It Trailer
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TV Land is awash with talent-based game shows, you’ve got Masterchef, Master of Photography, Cupcake Wars and Bake Off but soon you’ll have something different, Making It.

Making It is hosted by Leslie Nope and Ron Swanson who’ve apparently now left their illustrious day jobs at the Parks & Recreation department of Pawnee to judge a series on Crafting.

Wait, what?

No, we haven’t gone mad it’s the truth, sort of. Making it is indeed a competition to find America’s best “Crafter” and it’s hosted by the stars of Parks & Recreation, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.

Crafty Devils

But what is crafting I hear you ask well it is what it is, from paper crafts, woodwork, metalwork, weaving, sewing and everything else beyond. This show takes people from the world of crafts, mainly a lot of Etsy store owners, and pits them against each other in a series of challenges to find the best Crafter each week.

That sounds a bit corny, doesn’t it? If it weren’t for the amazing Poehler and Offerman we might have agreed with you but thanks to their hilarious commentary style, which echoes their Parks & Rec characters flawlessly, we just fell in love with it.

Arts & Recreation

Whilst we may have only started watching because of the Parks & Rec connection we actually got hooked on the crafting too. The challenges are interesting and the end results range from complete rubbish to the mind-blowingly beautiful.

Challenges often have interesting twists, such as creating an old-fashioned quilt out of modern materials or an alternative 3d photo album. Not only do these challenges have us reaching for the Etsy app to find the contestants but they also put us in a creative mood. It would be no surprise if crafting material sales rocketed after this first aired.

Something else we loved was the fact that the prize on offer is essentially self-respect and a Hey Duggee style badge, nice. This is a nice twist in a money and fame-obsessed world.

Obviously, this isn’t some life-changing drama series but believe us when we say that this is right at the top of the binge-worthy scale. Something that really sets this show apart from other talent contests is that to take part you really do have to have a genuine talent. These people are seriously creative and massively talented individuals. This isn’t just singing some karaoke pop songs and having them vaguely in tune, this is building things out of wood and materials from scratch.


After a couple of episodes, the inclusion of Poehler and Offerman will actually become secondary to how impressed you are by these peoples talents. That’s not putting them down, of course, the artists are just that good.

Making It is currently airing on NBC in the United States but we are still waiting for a UK launch date and channel.  One thing is for sure though, when it finally hits the UK you will all be hooked.

Come on Netflix, get on it asap please, the UK needs this show.


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