Netflix Cancel Luke Cage & Iron Fist So What Next For The Defenders?

Where do Marvel and Netflix go from here?

The Defenders
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Netflix have recently cancelled both Luke Cage and Iron Fist, this has left us wondering what will happen next to Marvel’s Defenders.

The cancellation of these series’ comes at a strange time. Both Series have just finished their second seasons and whilst they weren’t as lauded as their fellow Defenders, Daredevil or Jessica Jones, the second seasons were a big improvement on the first.

Spoilers for Luke Cage and Iron Fist ahead.

The Perfect Setup

We genuinely loved the second season of Iron Fist and the way it ended set up a great storyline which makes the cancellation complicated.

By the ends of iron Fist Season 2 Danny Rand had travelled to Asia and it seemed he had kept hold of The Iron Fist despite Colleen gaining the power.

Colleens gaining the power and teaming up with Misty had set up The Daughters of The Dragon storyline perfectly.

This brings us on to Luke Cage who, by the end of Season 2, had taken control of Harlem’s Paradise and set himself up as the boss of Harlem. Whilst this sounds positive he had to make deals with all of the cartels to keep them off his turf, making him almost as bad as Mariah. It also seemed he was loving his new political power, ego and superpowers rarely turn out well together.

Now we had thought that that would be the perfect storyline for the next season of either Luke Cage, Iron Fist or even The Defenders.

New heroes and familiar villains

The Daughters of the Dragon teaming up with Jessica Jones and Daredevil to bring Luke cage back to the good side whilst Danny Rand made his way back from Asia. Sounds good right?

We even had a new villain entering the fray as Typhoid Mary had shown her true identity by the end of Iron Fist. No doubt a rival gang, or even Kingpin himself could have hired her to take out Luke Cage? Perhaps with Punisher getting involved along the line, that would be a face-off we’d love to see.

Read between the lines

So, perhaps there’s more to the cancellation that meets the eye, it could well be that they are setting up a whole new series for all of this to take place in. What’s interesting is that in the comics Luke and Danny team up to become Heroes for Hire, a team that often joined up with the Daughters of the Dragon.

It would make sense not to continue Iron Fist of they were following that story as he’s off travelling and the focus would clearly be on Misty and Colleen.

Then again

All this could of course just be wishful thinking. Whilst we loved both series their viewer figures were significantly down thanks to the slow build of their first seasons. With that, Netflix might have just lost faith in the franchise but we really hope that isn’t the case.

We will be keeping an eye on any Netflix and Marvel news intently to see where they are going to go with it but whatever they do let’s hope they don’t end it all. That would be a tragic loss.

If you haven’t caught up with any of the Marvel Defenders Series they are all on Netflix now so get on it.


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