Netflix Release Orange Is The New Black Season 6 Trailer

Orange is the new black
Image Source: Netflix
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The countdown has finally begun, the new season of Netflix’s prison drama Orange Is The New Black will stream on Friday, July 27 on Netflix, that’s just 17 days away.

Not only that but Netflix have now released the full trailer for season 6 and it looks like it picks up shortly after the events of season 5 seemingly changed everything.

Season 5 saw the women of Litchfield Penitentiary going into full revolt, with a season-long riot that unfortunately did not end well for the inmates.

The newest season will kick off one week after an emergency response team took over Litchford Penitentiary, and the ladies have been relocated. That’s right this time round they are all in maximum security prisons.

With the ladies not only facing charges in the wake of the riot, since moving to a new prison they will also have to face new scary inmates and cruel guards, new routines and new uniforms. Will the girls end up turning on each other? Let’s hope not.

Orange Is The New Black season 6 begins on Netflix on July 27.


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