Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Zumbo’s Just Deserts on Netflix

Bake off has some competition!

zumbos just deserts
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If you are looking for something to binge your way through this weekend and you like cooking programmes, especially desert cooking programs, then Netflix’s latest Original Zumbo’s Just Deserts is the one for you.

With it’s Willy Wonka theme this programme focuses on scrumdiddlyumptious deserts and is set in a candy coloured Desert Factory, where according to Zumbo himself they must make some magic, is the perfect programme for anyone with a sweet tooth.zumbo's deserts, willy wonka

Pastry chef Adriano Zumbo is the Australian king of deserts, teaming up with British chef Rachel Khoo their mission is to put 12 contestants to the test, competing against each other to become the next Willy Wonka of deserts and be crowned the ultimate desert king or queen.

The final winner will not only receive $100,000 but will also have one of their creations in Zumbo’s restaurants, not bad hey.

The show starts every episode with a Sweet Sensations Task, where the contestants will be given a brief from the Zumbo himself. The contestants must then power up their desert stations, grab their ingredients and create their best dessert.

Zumbo’s assistant top pastry chef Gigi Falanga is on hand shouting out how much time they have left on the clock and offering advice when needed.

Finally, once their time is up and they have all hopefully been able to plate something up, judges Zumbo and Rachel get the task of tasting and critiquing their creations. The two desert makers that fail to impress the judges must then compete in the Zumbo Test. If you thought the first part was hard to wait until you see what amazing creations Zumbo comes up with.just deserts

Once the lid is lifted off the Desert Dome and the bottom two contestants get to see what they have got to make next, we’re guessing they wish they had paid more attention to the brief because Zumbo’s creations are insane.

From Willy Wonka’s floating hat, too Zumbo’s ridiculously large croquembouche, Zumbo certainly likes to show off when it comes to his own creations. Making deserts that the world has never seen before, this guy has certainly got some imagination.

Although we loved the show, I mean come on who doesn’t like a nice pudding there were a few flaws that need addressing. The Chemistry between Zumbo and Khoo seemed to be missing, and the annoying way that Khoo tastes the deserts were really starting to grate after a few episodes. Not forgetting to mention the annoying shouting from Gigi “You have one hour left guys, hurry hurry hurry”

Of course, no cooking show would be without some annoying contestants, and Zumbo’s has a few, to say the least. Daniel Treacy is the guy everyone cringes at as soon as he opens his mouth. He seems to love himself rather a bit too much and his aim is to smash his way through the competition taking out everyone.  Shame you never made it to the top three then isn’t it.zumbo's deserts

Also, a favourite of any kind of reality programme like this is the sob story and Patricia is the one who brings this to the table. After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes before a pancreas and liver transplant in 2011 changed her life.

We won’t ruin it for you by revealing who is the king or queen of deserts, but the finale is a good one with the two finalists taking on Zumbo’s creation of a ‘sugar and spice’ layered cake and then designing their own fairy tale inspired dessert to finish.

After watching season 1 we have just one more question as you probably do if you enjoyed the show.

When will season 2 of Zumbo’s Just Deserts come out?

Here’s the thing. Whilst we loved season 1 of Zumbo’s Just Deserts there is no news on Season 2 at present. We would definitely watch season 2 of Zumbo’s Just Deserts if it came out and as soon as we know we’ll update this article.

Season 1 of Zumbo’s Just Deserts on Netflix globally right now.

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