Boxsetter Picks: Upcoming Sci-Fi And Fantasy Series Coming Out in 2018

fear the walking dead

2018 is shaping up to be a great year for Boxsetters everywhere by the looks of things. We take a look at the must-watch series that fans of the genre will love in 2018. There are literally tons of series coming out but which ones will be worth watching? We reckon that you can’t go wrong with these 8 Sci-Fi and Fantasy series coming out in 2018.

Let’s start with…

American Gods Season 2 – Amazon Prime

american gods

There’s no official date yeat of release but considering it came out at the end of April 2017, could we expect season 2 of Amercian Gods to be aired around the same time in 2018?

Fingers crossed as it had a great first season on Amazon Prime (especially as you could also watch it on 4K). The first series of Amercian Gods ended up with Mr Wednesday (Ian Mcshane) and Moon Shadow (Ricky Whittle) about to embark on a war between the old and new gods and hopefully the action will be set to the maximum in season 2.


The Walking Dead Season 8B and Season 9A – Now TV

rick and negan walking dead minivan

We have two half seasons to look forward to of The Walking Dead in 2018. Season 8b will continue in February 2018 and we wonder what will happen to Rick now that his son, Carl is dead after being bitten by a walker in the woods

Whilst the first half of season 8 was entertaining it didn’t have the same shock and impact that previous seasons had so we wonder how the total war between Rick and Negan will play out and whether it will finish by the end of season 8b or will they drag it on into season 9 of The Walking Dead. We’ll have to find out when its back on Sky/Now TV.

WestWorld Season 2 – Now TV

westworld logo

WestWorld is finally returning to our screens in the spring of 2018 after what felt like forever since the first season of WestWorld aired all the way back in 2016.

The hugely intelligent re-imagining of the classic movie certainly had us entertained and left us asking lots of questions regarding what actually might happen in season 2 after the explosive events that unfolded in season 1.

Stranger Things Season 3 – Netflix

stranger things 2

Ok, this one is more of wishlist season as it has been confirmed that Season 3 of Stranger Things is happening. It’s uncertain if it will be out in 2018 and if it is it will be at the end of the year at the earliest by the sounds of things.

Although not as impactful as season 1, Season 2 of Stranger Things was a victim of the hype surrounding it in our opinion and hopefully season 3 will not have any filler episodes in it (the number 11 episode anyone?) and we’d hope that we don’t have to wait until the final episode to see the kids altogether again.

As season one was set in 1983, Season 2 in 1984 then will season 3 of Stranger Things be set in 1985? It would be great if it is although they’d need to hurry up as the original kids are getting older.

So yes, hopefully, Stranger Things Season 3 will be out in 2018 but don’t be surprised if it slips to 2019 but should be worth the wait regardless.

The Orville Season 2 – Fox/ Now TV

the orville
Image Source: FOX

Seth Mcfarlane’s funny and crass take on Star Trek has been a huge hit, so much so that FOX has renewed it for a second season and rightly so. Its great fun and has some genuinely laugh out loud moments whilst also making it feel like a typical Star Trek series.

The first season has 13 episodes but thanks to its success will it have even more episodes now that they know they have a hit on their hands? Hopefully so. There’s no confirmed release date yet but season one came out late in 2017, could we expect a November/December 2018 airing of Season 2 of The Orville?

Lost in Space – Netflix

lost in space

Lost in Space is a re-imagining of the classic 60’s series of the same name. The new series of Lost in Space will have 10 episodes and will follow the Robinson Family as they deal with being on an alien planet far from home. As for a release date, all we know so far is it will be in 2018 so will update you as we know more.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 – BT TV

fear the walking dead

Fear The Walking Dead will return with one of the characters from The Walking Dead, the stick welding Morgan will crossover to the Fear The Walking Dead in this season and will be very interesting to see how this develops and if this leaves it open to both series characters linking up in a future series of either show.

We know that this has been in production for some time and season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead came out in the summer of 2017 so could we expect this to come out around the same time in 2018, hopefully.

More importantly though, especially if you don’t have BT TV where can you watch season 3, well, as season 2 is on Amazon Prime we think it will eventually appear there unless someone else picks up the rights.

So there you have it, these are the series we are looking forward to seeing in 2018. What about you? Let us know which shows on this list you’re looking forward to watching or if there are any Sci-Fi and Fantasy series coming out in 2018 that’s not on here we’d love to know why you want to watch it.

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