Vikings Season 5 Episode 4 Review: The Plot Thickens

Plot, plot and more plot in the latest episode of Vikings

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Season five of Vikings is well underway and so far it’s been pretty action packed so we guess it’s time for a filler episode and that’s what we seem to have with episode 4.After all there’s a lot to dwell on following episode 3’s blood-soaked events.

The following contains spoilers so turn back now if you aren’t prepared.

Alone in your own world

Floki is still wondering around Iceland, or the land of the Gods as he believes it to be, looking for meaning in everything and trying to survive. Not a lot really happens to him although there are some stunning shots of his isolation in the amazing scenery. By the end of the episode, he decides to return to Kattegat, enlist some followers and start a new settlement. At the end of the day, it must be pretty lonely for him.

A new union forms

Back in Kattegat Lagertha welcomes Ubbe and proposes an alliance. She agrees to help him in his fight against Ivar if he helps with the impending war with King Harald, he agrees and a new union is formed. This is an odd bit of politics though as it’s clear what Ubbe gets from the deal but quite what Lagertha gets from it we’re unsure, perhaps just an insight into Ivar? Either way, this is what’s happening.

Torvi has a lot to say on the subject as she attempts to stop the union by saying that Ubbe is weak and that she should be placing her faith in the travelling Bjorn. Whilst this is going on Margrethe is telling Ubbe exactly the same thing about trusting Lagertha. Eventually, the two wives meet and argue until Lagertha walks in on them and asserts some much-needed authority.

Weddings and Whales

King Harald continues his pursuit of the captured Astrid and finally gets what he’s after. We still don’t know what the future holds for Astrid, she clearly has a plan and marrying Harald is a part of that but is she still loyal to Lagertha or is she plotting against her? Time will tell. Harald doesn’t waste any time and they are married by the end of the episode. We also get a glimpse into Harald the ruler who seems like a good King to have when compared to the bi-polar ways of Ragnar or the psychotic Ivar. Maybe Lagertha made a mistake in rejecting his advances.

Trading places

Bjorn and Halfdan have finally arrived in Sicily and are going through with their guides plan to pretend to be traders. They gain access and quickly meet a beautiful, if not obviously dangerous, Nun named Kassia who seems very open to a bit of plotting. They also meet the leader of this rebellious community Euphemius who welcomes the son of Ragnar and offers him and his comrades a place as his personal bodyguard on an upcoming trip to visit an Arab leader. This could be an interesting new direction for the show as Bjorn and Halfdan explore the deserts of the east.

York is attacked, again.

The main plot of this episode revolved around King Aethelwulf and Bishop Heahmund and a new plan to take back York from Ivar and Hvitserk. The increasingly mad Heahmund has a vision of the streets of York strewn with dead Norsemen and convinces Aethulwulf to attack once more.

Meanwhile, Ivar devises a plan to thwart the Saxons by burning meat in the streets to trick them into thinking the Viking horde are dying from starvation caused by the Saxon blockades.

Their plan works and King Aethelwulf leads a siege on the city despite Heahmund urging him to wait. Those expecting a bloodbath are soon disappointed however as they enter the city to find it completely empty other than a strange amount of Rats. Where could they have gone? We won’t find out as that was the end of the episode.

So a few new plot devices are now in place and battle lines are drawn in Kattegat. We’ll have to wait to see how the war between Lagertha and Harald plays out but it’s certainly getting interesting, let’s just hope there aren’t too many filler episodes before we get there.

What do you make of the new developments in episode 4? Why not let us know in the comments?

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