The Shannara Chronicles Returns: Season 2 Episode 1 Review

Same show, different attitude

shannarah chronicles
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So it feels like forever since season one of The Shannara Chronicles finished, so long in fact that were it not for the reminder at the start of the new season we might not have remembered anything about it at all.

The following contains spoilers so don’t read on if you don’t want to find out what happens.

After seeing the recap it all came flooding back and whilst we may have remembered it as being a sort of Fantasy realm version of The 100 it was in fact a highly engaging and actually quite enjoyable show.

We won’t go into our own recap but as a brief reminder this is essentially every fantasy book all pieced together in a post-apocalyptic future where Magic is real and the different races all live in a world complete with the ruins of modern Earth such as the Golden Gate Bridge. As a side note are there any apocalyptic films or series that don’t feature the Golden Gate Bridge?

So at the end of the first season we saw our heroin Eritrea kidnapped by Trolls, our hero Wil was starting a new life as a healer with the gnomes, Elf princess Amberle had become a mystical tree and Druid warrior Allanon had gone to track down the evil Bandon before he can unleash the Darkness.

Eritrea and the Trolls

The episode started with Eritrea and an instant plot twist as she finds out that her Troll captors are in fact Humans led by an old Druid friend called Cogline. The story then cleverly marched forward a year and we can see that Eritrea is happy in her new home and has even got herself a girlfriend in true The 100 fashion.

Pretty soon it all kicks off as they are attacked by Trolls, real ones this time, and Eritrea falls off of the Golden Gate Bridge, obviously. Miraculously she survives the immense fall and is rescued by Amberle, wait… what? But she’s a tree now right? Well yeah but apparently she can still communicate telepathically with people using the Force, wait not the force, something else. Either way she tells Eritrea that Wil is in trouble.

Soon after this she awakes with her girlfriend looking over her, then she learns that she was lied to by Cogline and that her friends had in fact been to find her. She confronts Cogline who says it’s for her own good, no doubt that’s a bit of plot that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Allanon Vs. Bandon

We then see Allanon for the first time this season and the action continues as he battles Bandon who appears to now have his own dark followers and some serious blood rituals going on. Needless to say Bandon manages to summon the Darkness and a load of Mord Wraiths that look like Darth Maul if he’d become a cross between a Death Eater and a Ring Wraith. Eventually Allonon has to flee for his life and the Mord Wraiths go on a hunt for Wil, The Shannara.

The Crimson Tide

Next we learn that a cult called The Crimson are rampaging through the Elven kingdom and murdering anyone associated with magic users. The Crimson are led by an elf called General Riga who, shock horror, is also very keen to get his hands on Wil. He’s certainly popular now he’s cut his hair isn’t he?

Wil learns his fate

When we catch up with Wil he’s treating a young girl called Mareth who, unbeknownst to him is also a magic user. She later catches up with him to warn him about the bounty on his head placed by General Riga. Do we spy a love story in the air? Of course we do.

Pretty soon Wil’s old village is attacked and he’s suddenly treating his old friends and searching for his Uncle. Not long after this the main Wraith finds him and attacks. The Wraiths aren’t all that clever though as he chases off after a second Wil created by Mareth who saves Wil and whisks him off to safety.

That’s all we got for the opening episode but we can safely say that this season is shaping up nicely and appears to be a lot more action packed than its predecessor. We certainly look forward to finding out what happens next.

Will Eritrea find her way back to Will and Allanon? What about Wil and this new girl? And what does Amberle have to do with them now she’s a tree?

Let us know what you think will happen in the next episode of The Shannara Chronicles in the comments and don’t forget to like and share.

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