Which TV Shows Are Returning This Autumn?

Some of your favourite shows are returning soon.

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After what has felt like a dry summer for TV series, the Autumn schedule is looking packed.

We will see several shows returning for what could be their final seasons and some new favourites which have thankfully been renewed.

Here’s our guide to the top shows returning to our screens in the coming months.

The Goldbergs (Season 6) – 26th September 2018  – Channel 4

Everyone’s favourite ‘80s family will be returning for their sixth season at the end of September and we can’t wait to see what retro treats they have for us this time around. No doubt it will totally radical and far out.

South Park (Season 22) – September 26th 2018 – Comedy Central

The foul-mouthed kids from South Park return for an astonishing Twenty-Second season and it’s set to be as cutting and bad taste as ever. Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been running a campaign to have their show cancelled after this season so will it be the last? Let’s hope not, the world needs them and their special brand of political satire now more than ever.

The Good Place (Season 3) – September 27th 2018 – Netflix

Netflix’s The Good Place has been well received and we certainly love it. Will our dead friends finally find a way to stay out of the bad place? We look forward to finding out.

Man In the High Castle (Season 3) – 05th October 2018 – Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime take us back to the Nazi-filled future for season three of Man in the High Castle. As horrific alternate timelines go this one is scary and compelling to watch and is quite possibly the best thing that Amazon have made so far!

The Walking Dead (Season 9) – October 08th 2018 – Fox

Season 8 finally gave us a resolution to the Negan situation but left most of us wondering where they could really go from here. The massive walker hoard seen at the end of the season gives us hope that we can get back to zombie survival and away from the tedious “the living are more dangerous” plots.

The Big Bang Theory (Season 12) – Mid October 2018 – E4

We will be sad to see The Big Bang Theory finish but alas Season 12 is set to be the finale so get your tissues ready as we bid farewell to Sheldon, Howard, Rajesh, Leonard, Penny, Bernadette, Amy, Stuart and Kripke. We are sure to miss them once it’s all over, they have been the F.R.I.E.N.D.S of the 21st century.

The Orville (Season 2) – December 30th 2018 – Fox

Seth Macfarlane’s loving homage to Star Trek returns for a much welcome second series. We absolutely loved the first season and really hope they can keep the same feel to the latest offering.

So there we have it, some great shows to pass away the time as it starts to get cold, dark and grey.

What shows are you looking forward to? Why not let us know in the comments.

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