The Best British Comedy Series on Netflix UK Right Now

Laughs aplenty with these classics on Netflix

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Netflix might be churning out a huge amount of original content that’s be taking up your TV watching time right now but what about when you need something more bite-sized and is a good old fashioned laugh to watch?

So, what’s on Netflix in the UK when it comes to comedy classics? Well, there’s quite a bit actually and here’s our pick of the shows that will have you in stitches as the nights draw in for winter.



This classic BBC sitcom is utterly bonkers, crass and downright funny. Eddy (Adrian Edmondson) and Richie (the late great, Rik Mayall) are two unemployed flatmates who literally get into some of the ridiculous scrapes seen on screen ever!

Its full of slapstick violence and has some serious gross out moments but stick with it and you’ll be laughing your head off. There are two series of Bottom on Netflix right now!

Fawlty Towers

fawlty towers
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Fawlty Towers is an absolute classic comedy series that you can watch repeatedly. The sitcom only has 12 episodes across two series but each one is perfect in every possible way. The deliver of punchlines (and punches) is spot on and really is comedy perfection.

Luckily Netflix has both seasons of Fawlty Towers so go watch them for a slice of comedy and nostalgia rolled into one.

Red Dwarf

red dwarf

Netflix has a whopping eight seasons of Red Dwarf currently running in the UK. Set 3 million years in the future after a freak accident. The only human, Lister (played by Craig Charles) is awoken from stasis by the ships computer, Holly after he is out in it as punishment for bringing a cat on board (who’s a bit bonkers) and to keep him sane his room mate Rimmer (Chris Barrie) is brought back as hologram to keep him from going insane as the last human left alive.

The cat he smuggled aboard bred and after 3 million years of evolution produced Cat, the human-esque and incredibly vain Cat who also joins the crew. They are aided by Kryten, the servant android who is hilarious in every way.

This series is a must watch if you love sci-fi and along with the laughs, which are many, there are some serious sci-fi themes throughout and epic adventures as they make their way back to Earth.


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