The Walking Dead Season 9 Poster Reveals Washington Setting

walking dead season 9 first look
Image Source: Twitter
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Fans of the AMC hit show The Walking Dead are eagerly awaiting the return of the newest season, The Walking Dead season 9 to air on TV later this year.

Season 8 took fans on an emotional rollercoaster when it was time to say goodbye to one of the original cast members. Carl Grimes was no more, after being bitten by a walker whilst helping out a survivor Carl becomes ill, you know how it is when you get bitten by a zombie, the hot and cold sweats kick in, you might get a bit delirious, its similar to having the flu really. Carl eventually put’s a bullet in his skull after saying a number of emotional goodbyes to his friends and finally Rick and Michonne.

Season 8 also saw the final fight between the Hilltop and the Saviors and Rick finally getting the upper hand on Negan. After slashing Negan’s throat on a piece of glass, Rick decides that Negan will be kept alive in prison for the rest of his life as an example to the new society.

However not everyone was pleased with Rick’s decision, Maggie was absolutely raging and you can hardly blame her really after having to witness her husband’s head being smashed in by the guy. I too would want revenge for that.

It looks like Maggie is not alone in her contempt for Rick’s decision as she seems to have the support of both Jesus and Daryl. Will the three of them build up the hilltop and get revenge?

Well it won’t be too much longer till fans of the show will find out as season 9 is set to air in October, and with the release of the new poster for the next season of The Walking Dead, it looks like Washington DC could be the new setting for the latest season.

News has been buzzing around over the past few months about what is going to happen in season 9 of the show and it’s not all good as fan’s of the show will know that some big changes are in store for season 9 of The Walking Dead.

The biggest news is that Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes, the shows lead actor since the very first episode will be in fact departing the show and according to reports it looks like this could happen midway through season 9. Will this see Daryl (Norman Reedus) take on the lead role?

Season 9 will also feature a time-jump with events taking place months after the end of All Out War. As you can see in the poster Maggie has longer hair and is not looking at all pregnant. Does that mean she will of had her baby?

Also is the helicopter in the image the same one that we saw a few times during season 8? This could explain how Rick and the others manage to get to Washington.

Although no trailer for season 9 is out yet, we can confirm that the newest season will begin in October and we will certainly keep you posted with any updates we hear about the show.

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