Trailer For Cancelled Tremors TV Series Leaked

Kavin Bacon returns to fight Graboids in the leaked trailer

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If you are anything like us then the news of a new Tremors TV series will have left you very intrigued. The original movie was a fantastic piece of cult horror history that helped to etch Kevin Bacon into our collective conscious for all the cheesiest reasons.

Game Over

It was a real shock when SyFy announced they wouldn’t be picking up the series after all, leaving it back in limbo and looking for another channel. A pilot episode has apparently been filmed but that is as far as it’s got so far.

Never fear though as Mr Bacon himself has leaked the trailer for the series and it is brilliant. The premise for the series sees the town of Perfection several years after the original attacks. Here’s the trailer.

Glory Days

Valentine McKee (Bacon) is still there and he’s convinced that the Graboids have returned. The other residents think he’s just trying to relive his glory days until one resident comes across a car half buried with someone trapped inside and they’re attacked.

Now obviously this means that the plot is ignoring all the sequels and Bacon appears to be the only original cast member but this still looks great and the premise would certainly make for an engaging series.

People Power

Since SyFy announced their lack of faith in the series fans have taken to the internet to petition Netflix with the hope of getting the series picked up.

The petition currently has over 2000 signatures towards its 2500 target.

We certainly hope that this series can be picked up soon as it would be great fun to go back to the town of Perfection and see those pesky Graboids once more.

Would you like to see a Tremors TV series? Let us know in the comments and why not sign that petition too.


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