The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10 Review ‘The Lost And The Plunderers’

Loose ends and fractured relationships

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Following last week’s emotional return the latest episode of The Walking Dead would have to continue with the same high quality and impactful storytelling, would it? Let’s find out.

Don’t read on if you haven’t watched the episode, major spoilers ahead and if you need reminding about the previous episode you can read all about it here.

Episode 10 was entitled The Lost and the Plunderers and would continue directly after Carl’s burial. The episode was split up into a number of segments, all based on specific characters and all given place cards with that character’s name, very 90’s film noir.


This segment would start at the point of Carl’s funeral as Michonne and Rick are forced to escape Alexandria, which is being overrun with Walkers.

Michonne is clearly still reeling from Carl’s death and she almost gets herself killed when trying to put out a fire on the shelter Carl used to sit on, a stupid thing to do but we guess it shows that her head isn’t in the game right now.

As they leave we see the devastation caused by the Saviour’s barrage of grenades. This town that once was a haven for its inhabitants is now a wasteland, something that we are starting to call “The Rick Effect”. Whilst emotionally charged this segment doesn’t really offer much other than to show that Michonne is clearly affected by the loss of Carl, well no surprises there then.


We had almost completely forgotten about Enid and Aaron, who had gone to recruit the settlers at Oceanside and accidentally killed one of their leaders in the process.

In this segment, they are captured and the settlers decide whether to kill them or not.

Enid convinces them not to and they are let go. Not knowing when they are on to a good thing Enid still tries to recruit them but fails and heads back to The Hilltop where she’ll soon find out how badly it’s all gone since she left.

Aaron seriously doesn’t know when to quit and decides to “stick around” and force the ladies to join them, good luck Aaron. Again this serves to tie up a loose end and bring Oceanside back into the picture. We had said before that they would surely have a part to play by the end of The Saviours, which is obviously the finale we’re building up to, and this gets them back in the game.


It was inevitable that this episode would feature a lot of Negan as he was completely absent in the last episode. We see him in his natural habitat, feet on his desk with Lucille nearby. This segment is based on the growing tensions between Negan and Simon, who thinks their way isn’t working anymore.

Simon is growing as a character and the fact he’s now challenging Negan on their tactics means it’s going to be interesting from here on out, could he be instrumental in taking Negan down?

He certainly seems to be willing to go further than Negan to end this war, offering to kill everyone at Hilltop after they have a special delivery from them, an undead saviour in a box no less.

Negan is still forcing his lead on him for now though and he tells him to deal with Jadis and the Garbage People. Of all the segments this one seems to hold the most interest as it will no doubt have some major impact on the future of The Saviours.


Back at the dump Jadis is confronted by Simon and forced to apologise for helping Rick. She’s surprisingly defiant but eventually makes the farcical decision to hand over their weapons even though they have the saviours outnumbered and in their home territory. After this, she punches Simon which gets all of her people shot.

With this ending to their faction, it really feels like a complete waste of time ever having them in the series at all.

They’ve effectively done nothing other than wasting Rick’s time now and again and annoying the viewers with their stupid Neanderthal style of speaking. Just a note on their speech, this is never explained. Why would they have all forgotten how to speak in a few years?


Finally, we go back to Rick and Michonne who, for some stupid reason, are off to visit Stig of the dump. When they arrive the place is deserted except for a whole load of corpses. As soon as they get inside the entrance tunnel collapses, trapping them inside, it really is one stupid move after another for Rick this season.

Pretty soon they are fleeing hoards of garbage walkers until they head up to the top of a pile to escape and find Jadis inexplicably in her underwear, are we supposed to assume she was raped and left for dead by Simon? You would think a show like The Walking Dead would probably have shown something as harrowing as that.

She asks them to save her but Rick isn’t playing nice right now and leaves her to the hoard. She follows and Rick fires a warning shot at her. Not nice Rick, didn’t you listen to a word Carl said before he died? The last we see of Jadis she lures all of the walkers up a slope to a massive garbage crusher that uses as a meat grinder to destroy the entire hoard.

She’s clearly smarter than she lets on. It’s also worth pointing out that in her final interaction with Rick she’s dropped the Neanderthal speech and is talking quite normally. We also discovered that she set up the dump as an art commune in an attempt to form a new style of community. This actually gives us far more sympathy with her than ever before. She’s clearly not pleased with Rick though as after the hoard is destroyed she sits on her pile and looks ready for revenge.


The episode ends with Rick and Negan in discussion over Walkie Talkies, Rick tells Negan that Carl is dead and Negan is genuinely upset. Rick reads the letter from Carl to Negan which asks him to stop the war and work together for the future, Rick is told the same thing in his letter.

Rick being Rick though he says he won’t do what Carl has asked and that he’ll kill Negan as soon as he can. Negan comes out of this looking very much like the good guy, he’s really hurt by the loss of Carl, going so far as to tell Rick he’s sorry and that Carl was the future of The Saviours, a future that was supposed to include all of them.

Rick is stupidly defiant and pushes Negan’s buttons. Eventually, Negan hits Rick with some nuggets of truth, telling him that the whole situation is his fault and that he was a bad parent that failed his son and all that followed him. It all finishes with Rick being told he’s already lost so just give up.

In truth it really does look that way now, Rick is purely fighting out of selfish pride and is making stupid decisions that are getting people killed. We aren’t saying they should all join the Saviours as that clearly won’t happen but something has to change.

This really wasn’t a great episode, it did have some good moments but ultimately it felt frivolous and all a bit boring. The whole ‘90s Film Noir segments seemed pointless and tired and each story seemed only half told. We just hope that it improves next week as if it continues like this we might not even make it to the end of the season.

What did you think of this week’s The Walking Dead? Why not let us know in the comments?

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