Cult Favourite What We Do In the Shadows is Getting a TV Series

Cult Vampire mockumentary comes to the small screen

what we do in the shadows
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What We Do In The Shadows was released back in 2014 and told the story of Vampires living together in Wellington, New Zealand. It became a cult smash as it showed the mundanity of daily life for the immortal beings.

The movie was directed by Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi and was full of the dry comedy that they have become famous for.

Days of our lives

In the film we followed the lives of Viago played by Taika Waititi (Eagle Vs Shark, Thor: Ragnarok, Green Lantern), Vladislav played by Jermaine Clement (Legion, Flight of the Conchords, Men in Black 3)and Deacon played by Jonny Brugh (800 Words, Soul Mates).

The three live together and were all tuned in different time periods, which makes their interests somewhat incompatible. Wellington also has a number of Werewolves whom the Vampires don’t get on with.

All in all, it’s a very well written and hilarious film that simply has to be seen to be believed.

New life

Now Fox has commissioned a series that has been adapted and will be produced by Clement and Waititi.

Unfortunately, the series won’t follow the stories of the same characters but will instead follow three vampires in New York who have flat shared for hundreds of years.

The series will star Matt Berry (Toast of London, The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd), Hayden Szeto (The Edge of Seventeen, Truth or Dare),Kayvan Novak (Four Lions, Fonejacker, Syriana) and Mark Proksch (Better Call Saul, The Office US, Portlandia).

In addition to this series, Clement and Waikiki are also working on a sequel to What We Do In the Shadows called “We’re Wolves”. This will follow the lives of a group of werewolves living in Wellington and will hopefully feature some cameo’s from the original cast.

Are you looking forward to a What We Do In The Shadows TV Series? Let us know in the comments.

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