First Trailer For New Pet Semetary Remake Arrives

Stay out of the woods children

Pet Sematary 2019
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Remakes are the order of the day in Hollywood and the latest 80’s classic to get an update is Stephen King’s Pet Semetary.


We are, apparently, set to enter a Horror renaissance. A whole host of originals and remakes are coming in the next year and no doubt the quality of these will vary massively.
Stephen King’s Pet Semetary is a terrifying book and was made into an equally scary movie back in 1989.

Twenty years later and it’s back to freak out a whole new generation who will likely be unaware of the original.

It Lives In the Woods

If you don’t know, Pet Semetary is about a family who move to the country and into a new house surrounded by forests. There is a local myth about a Pet Semetary near their house and that something evil lives in the woods.
Shortly after they discover this their Cat is killed by a car. They decide to bury it in the Pet Semetary. Bad move as sometimes the dead come back, obviously.

The trailer gives a pretty good synopsis of events to come without giving too much away. It looks pretty scary and has many of the modern Horror tropes we’ve come to expect like kids in masks, mysteriously placed bit of wood, and wise men with grave warnings. That said it looks like they’ve created a movie that will do the book justice.

Judge for yourself below.

A Worthy Return?

Whilst the original 1989 movie might be a classic it does look dated and perhaps doesn’t quite have the impact it used to. Maybe in this instance, a new remake is welcome, We shall see.

Starring in this new version is John Lithgow (Daddy’s Home 2, 3rd Rock From the Sun), Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty, Terminator Genisys), Amy Seimetz (Alien: Covenant, Upstream Color), Jete Laurence (The Snowman, The Americans) and newcomer Hugo Lavoie.

Pet Semetary has been Directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, the team behind Starry Eyes, Absence and Holidays.

Pet Semetary is due to be released in the UK on the 05th April 2019.


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